Resilient Playground Surfacing

Safe playgrounds require resilient surfacing. One of the most important aspects of a safe playground is the resilient surfacing that is found under and around it. We have several different types of surfacing available for playgrounds that have been tested to meet the ASTM guidelines for safety as well as the ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Poured-in-Place, rubber surfacing - synthetic

  • Field-applied in any configuration and dimensions

  • Wet poured, two layers, troweled on site

  • Base Layer: SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and polyurethane; Top Layer: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and polyurethane binder

  • Typical thickness range is 1-3/4″ to 5-1/2″

  • Many colors and color combinations

  • Porous: primarily outdoor use (indoor use less typical)

  • IPEMA certified: meets critical fall heights up to 13 feet per ASTM F-1292

  • ADA compliant per ASTM F-1951 for playground surface accessibility

  • Recycled material components sourced from the USA

  • 7-Year Warranty (Super-7 with aromatic urethane)

  • 10-Year Warranty (Extreme-10 with aliphatic urethane)

Loose Fill Rubber surfacing, shredded tire material - synthetic

  • IPEMA certified for up to 16' fall height (ASTM F1292-13)
  • Meets Americans with Disabilities Act “ADA” accessibility standards as playground safety surface (ASTM F1951-99)
  • 12 year Color-Lock guarantee
  • Inhibits growth of mold and fungi, reducing allergy risk
  • Prevents weeds
  • Does not break down like natural surfacing
  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • 99.99% Wire Free
  • Non-toxic
  • Multiple colors available to help customize your playspace

Best Fiber Mat, engineered wood fiber - all hardwood and natural

  • Our engineered wood fiber consists of recently harvested North American hardwoods including Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory, Beech and Locust. All woods are debarked and free of soil, leaves, twigs, and other contaminates which hasten decomposition.

  • Handicapped Accessible - Absolutely no soft woods are permitted due to their inferior surface stability for handicapped accessibility and the rapid rate of decomposition. The natural wood play surface is processed through a tub grinder using a 1-inch screen.

  • No Chemical Treatments - The moisture content of this terrific playground surface is between 25-55% by weight. No chemical treatments or additives have been used, and no recycled wood from pallets or waste wood is used.

  • Life Expectancy 3 to 5 years - The life expectancy of the wood fiber material is 3 to 5 years when installed with the appropriate drainage, and with proper maintenance, though decomposition will occur with all untreated wood products.

  • Safety and Accessibility Compliance - The wood fiber complies to ASTM F-12922-99 (shock absorbing test) and also complies to ASTM F-1951-99 (wheelchair accessibility test). Copies of these test results are available upon request.

  • We recommend 12" of wood fiber installed over properly drained soil as appropriate, safe and accessible playground surfacing.

Synthetic Grass - extreme wear resilient grass product

Rubber Tiles - various thicknesses for various fall heights