An Inclusive Destination Playground Coming Soon to Evergreen Park in Sheboygan, WI

The Shaw Family Playground blends natural and vibrant colors to make an inclusive playground that is truly one of a kind. The large PlayBooster structure uses ramps for access so any user can play, and the decorative poured in place rubber is an ADA compliant surface that allows children to reach any of the freestanding playground components as well. A challenging and exciting Evos structure awaits bold adventurers, and the custom zoo themed train structure invites younger children to have some imaginative fun while including some of Sheboygan's rich, vibrant history. 

Many of the components featured at The Shaw Family Playground encourage cooperation between children as well as adults. Kids can take turns pushing and using the Molded Bucket Seat of the ZipKrooz Asssisted Bay, or they can all rock back and forth together on the Sway Fun (which is big enough to accommodate two wheelchairs plus more friends!). A Cozy Dome is a nice spot for a sensory break that doubles as a multiuser climber and shady hiding spot.