Please take a look below for a few of our completed projects. Head on over to our Visit & Play page to find a playground in your area or contact us about a new or upcoming project!

Alice Stayer Park, Plymouth

A source of great pride for us here at Gerber, this playground is loaded with custom play pieces to highlight all we love about Wisconsin! Have fun on the farm exploring the pigpen or rushing down the giant barn slide, climb the Huson Water Tower or the corn stalk Netplex, or take a ride on the corn row roller table. There is something new and exciting around every turn! If you're in need of a place to host a gathering or take a rest by the creek, the shelter by ICON is a beautiful space that combines form and function to enhance the experience of park goers in Plymouth for years to come.


Yahara Elementary, DeForest

Infusing new life into their existing playground, Yahara Elementary has expanded both accessibility and play! The addition of multiple ramps, poured in place rubber surfacing, and accessible components like the OmniSpin and SwayFun create a more inclusive play space, while the Eclipse Climber Net offers a fun new challenge. Independent components like the Saddle Spinner allows kids to experience solo play, and items like the Stand-Up Spinner and Seesaw provides a cooperative play experience. With inclined tunnels placed throughout the structure and a variety of play options, Yahara Elementary students have a lot of new exploring to do during the school year!


Jackie’s Field, Washburn

Packed with play, Jackie’s Field is home to this Smart Play structure, the Venti brings maximum play to a compact space. Net bridges, slides, multiple climbers and more make this structure a perfect hangout. Add in the Boogie Board for another way to sway and play, and kids can swing high to watch it all on the double bay swing set. Taking this playground to the next level, kids can climb, rotate, and explore on the Global Motion. With two levels of seating and nets to climb, this over-sized spinner provides thrills for many kids at once!


Summerfest Grounds, Milwaukee

Summerfest, the World’s Largest Music Festival, is hosted annually in Milwaukee at Henry W. Maier Festival Park and brings hundreds of thousands of music lovers to its grounds each year. We are proud to deliver a collection of new outdoor musical play to the entrance of the Summerfest grounds for 2018, including Rhapsody and Freenotes Harmony Park. Guests of all ages and capabilities can enjoy a superior collection of Chimes, Metallophones, and Drums to experience the power of rhythm, subtle shifts in tone, and endless ways to merge different sounds together for a musical treat. Music is a universal language, and we are elated to offer yet another way to enjoy outdoor music in Wisconsin!


Menominee Indian Head Start, Keshena

A bright new space for the littlest explorers! Loose fill rubber surfacing provides a soft landing for 6-23 month old children, and a Cool Topper offers a shady place to rest. The Nook's tiny house look and feel combined with its 20 interactive features support whole-child learning and encourage adult-child play. Pair that with two structures featuring several Learning Wall panels, a Critter Canyon climber and more, and this play space packs a whole lot of fun into one place!


Daybreak Park, Middleton

Bold colors highlight vibrancy and modern design with this fun structure that combines Evos and PlayBooster components! The Ring Tangle climber offers creative play, as children can navigate under, through, and over the event towards the Hemisphere climber to keep their climbing adventures going strong. The Rush Slide offers an exhilarating ride with integrated hood and transition platform to channel children into a safe sitting position. The addition of two Saddle Spinners, Molded Bucket Swing Seat and Toddler Swing addition offer more ways to play, and nearby benches offer a place of rest for caregivers. A brand new neighborhood favorite we're proud to share!


Gingerbread House, Windsor Ridge

Following tradition with tones of brown and red, the Gingerbread House II in Windsor is home to a multi-structure playground for preschoolers, filled with learning elements including an ABC Climber, Learning Walls featuring a Tracing Panel, Block Panel, Bongo Panel, and more! The Splash Circuit offers sensory play, while the Starburst Climber offers a fun physical challenge. With so much to explore, there's always a new adventure to be found!


Eagle Point Elementary, DeForest

This multi-structure playground features primary colors for a classic touch, balancing perfectly with modern design and innovation. The Sway Fun Glider provides accessibility to those with mobility needs for fun play with peers and adults alike, along with a PlayBooster structure with countless design features creating an inclusive space for play. With features like the ZipKrooz, Rhapsody Outdoor Instruments, WeSaw, Rollerslide and more, the playground at Eagle Point Elementary is packed full of exciting activities for any child (and adult) to enjoy!


Indian Lake County Park, Cross Plains

Inspired by its surroundings, this Nature-Inspired PlayBooster structure features animal habitat information printed with our DigiFuse® process encouraging learning during a child's playground adventure! Children can feel their adventure come to life on the Geoplex Climber or Rock Climbers, and search for fossils and animal tracks hidden throughout the structure. The Double Swirl Slide brings motion play into the mix, while the colors mirror the natural landscape beautifully, creating a fun space to enhance your outdoor experience!


Lake Vista Park, Oak Creek

Bright and bold, this playground features Evos structures for imaginative play without limits. Preschool age children can enjoy the Weevos structure for safe independent play, seated near the Toddler Swing Bay for play with caregivers. For more action in play, older children can work together for fun on the OmniSpin, swing in groups on the Oodle Swing, and line up to take a ride on the ZipKroozContrabass Chimes bring a powerful outdoor music experience and a stunning aesthetic addition. Poured in place rubber with blue accents to compliment the structures and nearby Lake Michigan creates a safe, accessible space for all.


Gingerbread House, Windsor Crossing

This PlayBooster structure brings nature to the playground, with features like the Recycled Tree House RoofLog Stack Climber, and Discovery Tree Climb. Playground goers can discover hidden natural elements throughout the park, like fossil imprints, raccoons, and more. Climb, rotate, and explore in the two-level Global Motion, safe and fun for multiple children at once. The Log Benches and Acorn Seats stretched at the perimeter of the play space are perfect for caregivers to observe, or lead an imaginative play group or storytime.


Drexel Ridge Playground, Oak Creek

This PlayBooster structure uses some of our darker colors like denim to beautifully match the surrounding buildings. A Single Post CoolTopper provides some shade to playground goers, and a solid black poured in place rubber surface makes the equipment accessible and safe. Children can race their friends down the Double Wave Slide or feel the excitement and speed of the SlideWinder 2. This structure features a Block Climber with blocks of just one color, but did you know you could have the blocks be different colors as well? 

Waterworks Park, Beaver Dam

Land Ho! This inclusive playground at Waterworks Park features a custom ship climber, wheelchair-accessible ramps and components, sensory stimulating play features, a Sway Fun Glider and a GFRC (glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete) rock climber among many other play features. The design & components, along with the smooth, poured-in-place rubber surfacing, make it a breeze for children of all abilities to play together in a fun and colorful environment.


Yahara Elementary, Edgerton

This PlayBooster structure combines classic primary colors and longtime favorite components like the Rollerslide and Disc Challenge with modern and exciting components like the Geoplex Climber and WhooshWinder Slide. The structure is 100% ADA accessible through use of a transfer point, but there is also some ground level fun with components like the Gyro Twister


Blue Mounds State Park

This large PlaySense structure packs in a ton of play and cost value! The Thunderhead Climber is both a transfer point and ground level sensory play area, The Double Swoosh and Slidewinder 2 Slides offer different sliding experiences, and there is still room for the Air Dancer overhead event! A seven post netplex structure with a Skyport Climber, single post swings, saddle spinners, and a seesaw round out the playground experience. What a beautiful natural setting!


Tenney Park

The PlayBooster structure featured here blends natural play with modern components. The Ascent Rock is crafted using glass fiber reinforced concrete and looks strikingly realistic. Talking is Teaching panels encourage imaginative play and learning on the playground, while components like the Tightrope Bridge and Topsy Turny Spinner challenge children physically. 


Powell Park, La Crosse

This Seven Post Netplex Structure and it's central Skyport Climber offer many ways to play on their own, but they also link to other exciting Playbooster components like the O-Zone Rings and Ring Tangle. A colorful kaleidoscope bench matches the silver, blue, and limon colors of the equipment, and a 50% black poured in place rubber surfacing makes the playground accessible and safe. 


Village Park, Thiensville

Village Park in Thiensville showcases some of the newest and best playground equipment we have to offer. The Netplex Climber with Double Swoosh Slide and Disc Net Climber form a large tower of cables that can be navigated in many different ways. There's a Global Motion for inclusive spinning fun, and a SmartPlay Motion structure for younger children. 


Windrush Housing Development, Hartland

This Playbooster structure is accessible and safe thanks to its poured in place rubber surfacing. The bold red, white, and blue color scheme looks great with the black and tan surfacing. Children can enjoy components like the pod climber, cascade climber, and more!

Richard E. Maslowski Community Park, Glendale

Richard E. Maslowski Community Park is an all inclusive playground featuring our PlayBooster® system with ramping as well as our Evos® & Weevos® systems for a bit more challenge! 


Clarke Square Park, Milwaukee County

Clarke Square Park playground features a deckless Evos® structure complete with an Eclipse® Net & Rush™ Slide! Evos® attracts kids with its unique appearance and endless opportunities for unstructured fun. Its ground-to-ground arches allow kids of all abilities to join in the fun. But most importantly, Evos® lets kids find their own ways to play while building muscle strength, endurance and mental agility.


Enderis Park, Milwaukee

This PlayBooster playground mixes bright and fun colors with natural play elements like the Discovery Tree Climb and Wood Plank Wiggle Ladder. Multi user play elements such as the Oodle Swing and Topsy Turny spinner are accessible and encourage collaborative play between children. Multi colored poured in place rubber surfacing is juxtaposed with custom made wood pieces used for balance. 


Liberty Heights Park, West Allis

The SmartPlay: Motion looks especially great in color palette AP with it's rich tangerine and plum colors. The PlayBooster structure has exciting components like the Traveler Climber (which doubles as an overhead ladder and bridge) and O-Zone Climber, with Vibe Roofs for extra shade and extra style. Most of the equipment is on poured in place rubber surfacing, with items like the huge Lunar Blast Climber installed on wood fiber surfacing.


Veterans Memorial Park, West Allis

The 10' Tall PlayOdyssey Tower at Veteran's Memorial park is a real show stopper. Adventurous playground goers can try out the huge SlideWinder 2 or Double Swoosh Slide, or they can stick closer to the ground with the Sol Spinner and ZipKrooz. The SmartPlay Cube provides play options for the 6-23 month age group.


Juniper Ridge Park, McFarland

The HealthBeat fitness stations on the outside of this playground means that adults both young and old have something to do while kids play on the Evos structure. The PodStomper Bridge helps children build balance and coordination, and the Swiggle Stix Bridge and Balance Winder challenge them to chart their own course across the equipment. 


Syble Hopp School, De Pere

This unique indoor playground has a lot going for it. There are inclusive components like the Roller Table, Sway Fun, and We-Saw, a SmartPlay Motion Structure for the 6-23 month age group, and an Evos Structure for the 5-12 age group. An outdoor PlayBooster structure with ramp access is also shown. 


Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Delavan

Beautiful poured in place rubber surfacing ensures that every piece of equipment on this playground is accessible. The swings use molded bucket seats so that kids of all abilities can enjoy them, and the OmniSpin Spinner is at wheelchair transfer height. The main PlayBooster structure uses a combination of net based components like the O-Zone Ring Climber and Funnel Net Climber in addition to classic components like the Conical Climber and Summit Climber.


Bird Creek Park, Kiwanis Club, Wautoma

A community built playground featuring some great accessible components like the We-Saw and Omnispin. The main structure is a SmartPlay Motion, which boasts 16 built in activities for the 2-5 age range. Some freestanding balance and climbing pieces round out the experience. Contact us to learn how we can help organize your community playground build.


South Park, Oshkosh

This beautiful playground uses accessible ramping to a PlayBooster structure and poured in place rubber surfacing to ensure that children of all abilities can get in on the fun together. The Sway Fun glider is big enough for a wheelchair and multiple other users at the same time, and the OmniSpin is accessible at wheelchair access height. Themed pieces like the Ship Bow and Ship Mast with Sail add character and inspiration for imaginative play. 


Manitoba Park, Milwaukee County Parks

This modern and fun playground uses our new Netplex system with a Weevos structure meant for the 2-5 year age group.   Kids can challenge themselves on the Disc Net Climber or Watermill Climber, or they can take advantage of the ground level sensory panels and saddle spinners


Woodland Prairie Park, Menasha

Another community build project, this time featuring a Weevos structure, a PlayBooster Structure, and an Ooodle Swing! Multiple ground level climbing pieces like the Tight Rope Bridge and Swiggle Knots Bridge link elements of the playground together with a giant Double Swoosh Slide to top it all off. 


Nakoma Park, Madison

Nakoma Park has a great mix of classic and modern playground elements. The 2-5 year age group can enjoy the PlayShaper structure with its ABC Climber and Double Poly Slide, while others can have fun on the two different Evos structures. The larger Evos structure uses an O-Zone Climber, PodStomper Bridge, and BalanceWinder. The smaller structure has a Hemisphere Climber and Gyro Twister


Chad Erickson Memorial Park, La Crosse

Chad Erickson Memorial Park shows off the natural play capabilities of Landscape Structures with some truly beautiful custom and standard pieces. The mine shaft and fish climber are custom, but everything else is a standard piece, meaning you can get it with the same lead time as any of our other equipment. The Log Crawl Tunnel makes a great hiding spot or climber and the Adventurescapes Climber makes for an exciting challenge. A Log Balance Beam and Log Steppers connect to a small kids clubhouse. Most of the items are made with glass fiber reinforced concrete, a more durable and authentic feeling material than plastic for this type of play equipment. 


Harris Park, Dodgeville

Harris Park provides a lot of opportunities for fun for children of all ages. The central Evos structure uses O-Zone Rings, a Hemisphere Climber, and a PodStomper bridge, while the smaller PlayBooster structure has a Critter Canyon to climb up and a Lava Run Slide to go right back down. There is an impressive looking 7-Panel Mobius Climber to tackle, an OmniSpin Spinner to enjoy, and of course, some swings


CELA, Pewaukee

Beautiful poured in place rubber surfacing proves that surfacing can provide more than just accessibility to a playground - This distinctive look truly sets the CELA playground in Pewaukee apart. Younger kids can choose from a PlayBooster structure with a Thunderhead Climber, a Weevos structure, or they can take a sensory break inside of the Cozy Dome. Older kids can tackle the giant Eclipse Net or try out the Cascade Climber or Log Stack Climber


Cameron Park, La Crosse

Greens, browns, and tans make this PlayBooster structure blend in wonderfully with Cameron Park in La Crosse. Kids can transfer from a wheelchair and climb up the Thunderhead Climber, and then take one of three paths down the Cloudburst Triple Slide to make their way back to the start again. An ABC Climber, Mini Summit Climber, and Wire Crawl Tunnel are just a few of the many components showcased here. 


Arlington Heights Park, MKE Plays

Arlington Heights playground is the first of the locations on this portfolio page to feature the Eclipse Net Plus structure, a large net based structure that can link with Evos components like the RingTangle Climber and Swiggle Stix Bridge. You'll also find some fun indepent play items such as the Flywheel Spinner and a PlaySense structure for more traditional post and deck play. 


Miracle League of Milwaukee

The inclusive playground at the Miracle League of Milwaukee features wheelchair-accessible ramps, sensory stimulating components and a Sway Fun Glider among many other play features. The design & components, along with the smooth, poured-in-place rubber surfacing, make it a breeze for children of all abilities to play together in a fun and colorful environment. 

The Miracle League baseball complex is adjacent to the John C. Cudany YMCA in Milwaukee. The inclusive playground includes a wheelchair-accessible glider called the Sway Fun® Glider, fun new colors, and offers sensory stimulating, accessible and inclusive components to bring children of all abilities to play, learn and grow together.


Carver Park, Milwaukee County

Carver Park features all of the newest playground equipment, including Netplex™, Smart Play® Motion and an OmniSpin® Spinner. This deck-less style of playground is becoming increasingly popular as a unique, modern, fun and creative play alternative to the traditional continuous play playgrounds. Learn More.


Hope Christian School, Milwaukee

Hope Christian School features the Eclipse® Net Climber as it's main focal point. This playground is also a deckless design, allowing for a modern look and open feel to the area. 


Eagle School, Madison

Eagle School playground features a Lunar Burst® Net Climber a circuit design to keep the play flowing. Take a look at the demolition of the old structure and installation of the new structure below. 

Destruction and construction of the new playground. August 2014.