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New Products

Landscape Structures new playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. This year, we encourage you to #makeyourmark with your unique vision and project.

New for 2018! Alpha Link™ Towers 

Two towers double the climbing challenges and are linked by an elevated crawl tunnel for an exhilarating scramble from one tower to the other. It’s a physical and social wonderland where imaginations can literally soar. Alpha Link Towers let kids experience heights in a safe way. Multiple climbers offer different routes up the outsides of both towers to the 4’ and 8’ level. Kids can climb all the way to the fully enclosed 12’ deck on the inside of the largest tower. Two of our most fun slides – the Double Swoosh Slide® and the WhooshWinder® Slide – bring them back down to earth. Kids will love finding all the unique lookout spots along with the shaded spaces inside for relaxing and socializing. Parents and supervisors will appreciate the perforated and slotted panels that offer clear sight lines. Also available as a single Alpha Tower. 

New for 2018! Smart Play® Centre, Fire Station, and Market Cafe

Create the Centre by connecting the Loft, Fire Station and Market Cafe and enhance the fun for 2- to 5-year-olds. Interactive panels encourage learning while they play, and various climbers, slides, tunnels and crawl spaces challenge the physical dexterity of toddlers and preschoolers. Best of all, the activities and messaging found throughout these Smart Play® playstructures were developed with guidance from the National Head Start Association and Too Small to Fail to prompt adult-child conversations and support whole-child learning across key developmental domains.

New for 2018! Friendship™ Swing

This multi-user commercial playground swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multigenerational family. The Friendship™ Swing is a great way for siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy time together. The Friendship Swing comes complete with its own swing frame or in an additional bay frame to add on to other swings. One Friendship Swing per bay.

New for 2018! Facet Forms™ Collection

Kids will be drawn to this collection of modular forms that is inspired by the natural geometries of geodes, minerals and other elements in nature. Facet™ Forms invite endless chances to climb and explore. Made from concrete, these cool and contemporary looking structures will withstand years of rugged activity. Choose from several configurations to fit a variety of spaces and budget. Recommended for ages 2 to 12.

New for 2018! DigiRiders™

These vivid DigiRiders™ use the potential of our DigiFuse® technology to breathe new life into a playground classic, the Spring Rider. The enclosed butterfly DigiRider™ is perfect for the 6-23 month or 2-5 year age group, while the rest are designed with ages 2-5 and 5-12 in mind. DigiRiders™ are the perfect choice whenever a dash of imaginative motion based play is needed!


Climbers for 8' Deck Height

We are excited to introduce five new PlayBooster® climbers to ascend from the ground up to 96” (2,44 m) decks! These towering climbers provide kids with thrilling new challenges in climbing. Now they can go up, up, up while also discovering innovative ways to go across, through, under and over.

Global Motion®

Add a unique play experience to your playground with Global Motion®. Kids can climb, rotate, and explore two levels in this fun-filled structure. Patent-pending progressive resistance makes it easy to turn Global Motion at slower speeds, and prevents it from being turned too quickly, providing a fun and challenging experience while still feeling safe and in control. With 14 nets that can be climbed on the inside or outside and two multi-person seating areas, Global Motion provides thrills for many kids at once. 


Patent-pending GeoPlex™ climbing panels can be transformed into a wide range of climbers, towers, towers with nets, and post-and-deck attachments for PlayBooster® playgrounds for kids ages 5 to 12. These abstract, geometric designs come in many colors to create your favorite look - natural, contemporary, space-ace, circus and much more!

Smart Play®: Venti™

Our Smart Play®: Venti™ play system provides lots of play activities in one affordable, pre-configured design that maximizes space and fun!

Smart Play®: Loft™ and Smart Play®: Nook™

As young children grow, play is a key element in assisting their intellectual, social, and physical development. The Smart Play Nook for 6-23 months and the Smart Play Loft for 2-5 years are designed with that development in mind. Handrails lead up the steps and into a world of imaginary play, with a built-in find-it game, learning activities, and so much more. You’ll find plenty of interactive elements to engage developing minds and bodies.

Rhapsody™ Outdoor Musical Instruments

Make beautiful music with our Rhapsody™ Outdoor Musical Instruments. These all-ages, fully accessible & interactive instruments produce exceptional sound quality & harmonious play.

SkyWays™ Shade Products

Landscape Structures SkyWays™ Shade Products create a safer play environment by keeping temperatures down and blocking potentially harmful UV rays all while adding a stylish aesthetic to your space.

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