The lower playground at Crestwood Elementary needs to be replaced - the aging structure not longer fits the needs of our students. Over the next year, the Crestwood Association of Parents and Teachers has made it their goal to raise the money to replace this equipment.

As a first step, we have narrowed the design of the playground to the following two options. Current students have voted on their favorites - now we are looking for input from our parents and community members. 

We'd like to hear from you - please share your opinion through the following survey:

Option 1

The first option uses several of Landscape Structures natural play components. The discovery tree climber and log crawl tunnel are both constructed using glass fiber reinforced concrete, while the recycled poly slats give the feel of fun treehouse. Ground level play items like the sensory wall and talk tube ensure that the play area is ADA compliant. 


The second option uses the brand new SmartPlay Venti structure. The Venti boasts 20 different play components that are all linked together, providing a mixture of challenge and accessibility that is unparalleled for a structure of it's size. A freestanding blender spinner provides some additional motion based play value.


Here are a few additional independent items we are considering adding to the playspace.