Build Together, Play Together

Gerber is proud to partner with communities for projects that get communities involved, and inspire a sense of pride among neighbors. There's something exciting about watching community leaders, local businesses, public officials, parents, and neighbors come together to create a beautiful playground from start to finish.

You're not just building a space, you're building your community. There is a strong sense of ownership shared by those who participate in each project, all while helping save money on installation costs. With an average 30% savings on cost, you can focus even more of your budget dollars on quality equipment. While a community build offers a list of benefits, our favorite is the priceless symbol of the community spirit behind each project.

The community build playground becomes a rallying point for community spirit

Gerber is proud to partner with our communities, from planning and design to installation and maintenance, we're here with you every step of the way. Our team will guide you through the entire process, providing expert knowledge on the products, creative design to fit your vision, and tips and tools on how to find and excite the volunteers who are essential to your success. 


While having a few key volunteers with experience and specific skills will be beneficial, the main qualities of a great volunteer are cooperation, positivity, and energy! Our CPSI certified team will be on-site to ensure a safe build, and provide an inspection to ensure a safe play space upon completion.

Contact your rep today to learn more about the benefits and process of community build playgrounds, and get excited to be a part of something great!